MEET OUR FOUNDER (Dr. Arleen Fuller)

Dr. Arleen Fuller is the Founder/Executive Director of A.L.I.C.E. Hope. She is also the Founder/CEO and serves as a Fuller Life Strategist, as well as the Presiding Prelate of Miracle Deliverance Field Prayer Center where the headquarters are housed in Savannah/Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Fuller is indeed justified, qualified, certified, bonified, and most of all anointed for victorious living. As an overcomer, Dr. Fuller has overcome the disappointment of two failed marriages at the hands of domestic violence. Additionally, Dr. Fuller has also been the victim of sexual trauma at age of six by a family member. 

Dr. Fuller has served diligently and tirelessly on frontline of the community for over 40 years. The dangers of many toils and snares have enlightened Dr. Fuller that the root-cause of many adult challenges are as a result of childhood T.R.A.U.M.A.  The acronym for T.R.A.U.M.A. is Tragedy, Rejection, Anger, Unforgiveness, Mental Illness, and Abuse. As a result of Dr. Fuller’s expertise, she serves in the Office of a Life Strategist.

Dr. Fuller has counseled countless numbers of individuals from all-walks-of-life. Dr. Fuller’s community service includes: Certified Life Coach, Life Strategist, Advocacy Against Domestic Violence (A.A.D.V.), Entrepreneur, Fair Housing Advocate (F.H.A.), Financier, Counselor, Transportation Coordinator, Operations Manager, and a Spiritual Mother, etc.

Dr. Fuller’s Mission is to Re-Establish, Re-Affirm, and Re-Align the family educating on the effects of Tragedy Rejection Anger Unforgiveness Mental Illness and Abuse (T.R.A.U.M.A.) as a result of adverse experiences. Dr. Fuller’s Vision is to own one of many Hope Houses for Women and Children, to serve as the Overseer of an Education and Training Empowerment Center, and to construct a Children’s Home. Dr. Fuller passion is empowering women through the covenant of building positive connections. As a Life Strategist, Dr. Fuller’s Purpose is to implement the Fuller Life System. The aspiration is for individuals to live their best lives by “Transforming Into A Fuller Life”! 

Soneisha Ling

Soneisha Ling, who is the daughter of Dr Arleen Fuller. is the Assistant Executive Director for A.L.I.C.E. Hope. She is a Georgia licensed Real Estate salesperson. She is also a member of the National Board of REALTORS as well as GAR and SABOR. She too has been effected by domestic violence as her mother was being victimized. Her mission is to motivate women to be the best that they can be, no matter which walk of life they are from. She encourage’s them to know that ” you are not what happened to you”. In addition to working with women of domestic abuse she encourage’s young adults through Abraham’s Sons and Sarah’s Daughters, a resource and recovery organization for the children of the domestically abused.